Jody O'Meara

Artist Statement

Jody O'Meara is a native of Denver Colorado where she continues to live and paint today. She started out in Fiber art in the early 70's. At the time she was the secretary of the American Needlepoint Guild she was commissioned to design and stitch a clown piece for Prince Rainer of Monaco after one of her pieces was exhibited in a show at the Royal Palace.

She began to paint in l995 while on a trip to Isle of Palm in South Carolina. She and a girlfriend spent a rainy weekend with two yellows, two blues, two reds and a package of watercolor paper. That was the beginning of her great love affair with watercolors. Starting out with flowers, simple still life's and a few landscapes she never dreamed she would be able to paint people or animals. As it turns out they have become two of her favorite subjects. She worked on cold press, hot press and rough watercolor paper until 2012 when she discovered Yupo paper. Yupo is a synthetic plastic ground that is water resistant. Unlike watercolor paper the paint sits on top of it and does not absorb, therefore the pigment stays vivid and rich. She loves the way the paint runs and mixes into itself which creates the wonderful patterns and tertiary colors you see in all her work. She discovers something new about this process with every painting she does. Her focus is always to create just the right juxtaposition between realism and impressionism.

When Jody decided to produce her first line of products based on her watercolor paintings, her goal was to bring products to the marketplace that evoked feelings of joy, comfort, love, and happiness. That is why she chose puppies. Puppies are one of life's great joys. They begin by completely disarming you. They make you smile and love you unconditionally. Since then, as her experience has expanded, so has her subjects and use of color. Her artistic view is bright, colorful and one of a kind- From blue horses and red elephants to the Grand Canyon in a breathtaking color arrangement.

Jody has studied and painted in countries around the world with many talented artists. She teaches her Yupo methods in workshops periodically in Denver and is planning a painting tour in Taos, New Mexico in 2016. She is currently working on a book and video using the secrets she has discovered while painting on plastic. Jody paints many commissions of pets and children. For more information about commissioning a piece or acquiring an original you may contact Jody at [email protected]